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Dean Emeritus Roberts Headed to Russia for Olympic Winter Games


Dean Emeritus Gary RobertsDean Emeritus Gary Roberts is on his way to the XCXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. He is part of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) ad hoc Division, which will settle all legal disputes related to the Games.

“This is the first time I have been selected as an arbitrator for the CAS Ad Hoc Division for the Olympics,” Roberts said. “It was a surprise given that there are only nine from around the world chosen each time – and a great honor.”

(In the photo: Dean Emeritus Gary Roberts travels first to Moscow, then to Sochi, Russia, with his wife, Donna Carr.)

Roberts, dean emeritus and the Gerald L. Bepko Professor of Law at the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law, is an expert in sports law. He’ll rely on his 30 years of experience in the sports law industry and his decade of experience as a sports arbitrator as he works at the Games.

“There is nothing I can do to cram for the assignment,” he said. “I will bring all of that knowledge and experience to bear, but there isn’t much I could do now to prepare.”

The cases he will hear likely fall into one of two categories:

• A question relating to an athlete’s (or judge’s) eligibility, which can arise because of a positive drug test, a challenge to the athlete’s country of residence, a question about the athlete’s gender, or a question of whether the athlete for some reason has an unfair competitive advantage.

• A challenge to the outcome of an event, which can be because the claimant argues that the rules weren’t followed, the equipment didn’t function properly, or the judges or referees were biased or corrupted.

“There could always be the surprise case that doesn’t fit into either of these broad categories,” Roberts said. The ad hoc Division will generally render decisions within 24 hours.

“Everyone at the McKinney School of Law is excited about Dean Roberts’ role at the upcoming Olympic Games,” said Dean Andy Klein. “Dean Roberts is one of the world’s leading experts in the area of sports law, as his selection by the Court of Arbitration for Sport suggests. I know this will be a wonderful experience for Dean Roberts, and I am eager for him to share all that he learns with our students and other members of the law school community.”

The CAS is a permanent arbitration institution founded in 1984 that specializes in the resolution of sports law disputes. It has its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, with decentralized offices in New York and Sydney, and Alternative Hearing Centres in Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur and Cairo. It has nearly 300 arbitrators coming from 85 countries. The CAS handles approximately 400 cases per year.

The Games commence February 7, and conclude on February 23. And Roberts already has his eye on making a repeat performance.

“I hope I will get selected again,” Roberts said. “Rio would be a nice break in two years.”

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