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Catherine Lemmer Continues Work in Johannesburg


Professor Catherine LemmerLibrary Professor Catherine Lemmer shares photos from her residence, which she’s sharing with a friend of a coworker while she’s working in Johannesburg, South Africa for the Legal Resources Centre (LRC).

Lemmer is living on the top floor of a former bank building, which shares a rooftop deck. The views are incredible and offer a view of life of those who have it easy in the city, and those who have it hard. She’s sharing her experience working at the LRC and living in Johannesburg on her blog, Right Angle Resume

“As with most things in Johannesburg, the ends of the spectrum bump up against each other. I live in secured luxury,” Lemmer writes, while in the building next door, “my neighbors wash their dishes and their clothes by hand on the roof of their building.”

Lemmer’s new residence is about 10 blocks from her office at LRC, and she’s walking to and from work, much to the dismay of her colleagues, she says. But she’s playing it smart, she writes, and she shares photos of her daily commute on the most recent blog post as well.

Professor Lemmer is the Head of Information Services for the Ruth Lilly Law Library at IU McKinney. As part of the library’s administrative team, she supervises the public services division of the law library and participates in managing library operations. In addition to her administrative duties, she teaches the second year legal research course; legal research in the first year LARC classes, and in the LL.M. program-American Law for Foreign Lawyers.

Readers can keep up with Professor Lemmer’s adventure through her blog and via Twitter @catherine.lemmer.

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