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Research and Instruction Librarian Part of Consortium to Preserve Web Citations


Ben KeeleIf you’ve ever run into a “404” error message when searching for a legal citation online, you need to know about the work Ben Keele is doing. Keele is a research and instruction librarian at the Ruth Lilly Law Library at IU McKinney.

He’s part of perma.cc, a consortium of law libraries from around the world that is archiving Web addresses via an online tool where the website or information is housed. Anyone can create an account to preserve links on perma.cc, but only authorized members, like Keele, can save URLs permanently after confirming the cite. Keele is featured in a news story about the issue of “link rot,” as the phenomenon is known, in the January 29, 2014, issue of Indiana Lawyer.

Keele joined the law library faculty in 2012.

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