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Professor Shawn Boyne to Present at Inaugural LegalED Conference in Washington, D.C.


Professor Shawn BoyneProfessor Shawn Boyne will be part of the inaugural LegalED Conference, titled “Igniting Law Teaching,” on April 4 at American University Washington College of Law. She will present a talk on the keys to organizing a successful educational simulation. It will be posted on LegalEd.
WATCH LIVE on Friday, April 4th during the 2:15-3:15 pm session on "Simulations, Feedback, & Assessment": http://media.wcl.american.edu/Mediasite/Play/60090ad2894d411fa52d53cb79b7b0771d

“I am excited to be part of this new venture and to represent our law school at this event,” Professor Boyne said. “I was not an accomplished teacher when I came to McKinney. I had the research skills and knowledge but the peer mentorship that I received from Jeff Cooper, Fran Watson and several other faculty enabled me to make the journey from a neophyte teacher with a number of creative ideas to a more engaging teacher who seeks to achieve specific learning outcomes in the classroom. Teaching is critically important at McKinney because we know that our classrooms are filled with the future leaders of the state. For that reason, I am happy to represent the law school in this endeavor.”

The goal of the LegalED event is to create a collection of short videos that will inspire innovation and experimentation by law professors around the world, to bring more active learning and practical skills training into the law school curriculum. Professor Boyne’s talk, titled “Five Keys to Planning a Successful Simulation,” stems from her work hosting two counterterrorism simulations at the law school within the past five years. McKinney Law, along with IU’s School of Public and Environmental Affairrs (SPEA), through the Global Crisis Leadership Forum, are planning to sponsor a third simulation on November 14, 2014.

The law school’s participation in the inaugural LegalED conference is one of a number of teaching initiatives currently going on at the law school. Through the McKinney Faculty Teaching Committee and Online Teaching Committee, efforts are currently underway which are designed to help faculty to keep pace with new technology and teaching methods. The goal of these efforts is to help the McKinney faculty to share their innovative teaching approaches with each other as well as to spur the adoption of cutting edge teaching practices.

Professor Boyne is co-chair of the Global Crisis Leadership Forum, a joint initiative of McKinney Law SPEA. This unique interdisciplinary partnership brings together experts and practitioners in the field of global crisis management, national security, and cybercrime. The forum organizes courses, workshops, forum discussions, and training programs that enhance individual and institutional resiliency to both man-made and natural crises and disasters. This project builds upon both schools' outstanding track record of producing leaders in the governmental, nonprofit, and judicial sectors.

Professor Boyne is a Dean’s Fellow and a DRIVE Fellow. Her latest book, The German Prosecution Service: Guardians of the Law?, was published in 2013 by Springer Publishing.

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