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Professor Jennifer Drobac Comments for Investigative Series on Teen Sexual Harassment


Professor Jennifer DrobacProfessor Jennifer Drobac was interviewed by an investigative reporter for a multi-day, multi-part series on teen sexual harassment that was published by the newspaper, The Oregonian.

The series notes that teens are perhaps the least likely to report sexual harassment, yet are most likely to be harmed by it in the long-term. A program designed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to teach teens how to recognize and speak up about sexual harassment was never rolled out in Oregon, where there also is no means of tracking the problem among teens who do report harassment, because birthdates aren’t recorded.

“It’s outrageous we are not keeping track of the safety of our teenagers,” Professor Drobac said in the first installment in the series. “As adults, we need to take responsibility for protecting juveniles in school and in the workplace.”

Professor Drobac teaches sexual harassment law at IU McKinney. Her first textbook, Sexual Harassment Law: History, Cases and Theory, was published in 2005; a new edition is expected in 2014. She also is working on a book concerning adolescent neurological and psychosocial development and the law, Worldly But Not Yet Wise, for University of Chicago Press.

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