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ILR Announces Student Notes for Publication


The “Indiana Law Review has announce the student Notes selected for publication in its next edition. In addition, Adam Eakman was selected as the recipient of the Papke Prize, awarded annually to the student author of the best Note.

The Notes chosen for publication are:

Maryn Wilcoxson: “A Lesson Learned from Myriad: The Affordable Care Act as Both an Incentive and an Alternative for Invalidating Stem Cell Patents”

Alicia Albertson: “Criminalizing Bullying: Why Indiana Should Hold the Bully Responsible”

Reid Dodge: “Reasonable Royalty Patent Infringement Damages: A Proposal for More Predictable, Reliable, and Reviewable Standards of Admissibility and Proof for Determining a Reasonable Royalty”

Jackie Gessner: “How Railroad Brakemen Derailed Unpaid Interns: The Need for a Revised Framework to Determine FLSA Coverage for Unpaid Interns”

E.J. Last: “Peremptory Challenges to Jurors Based on Sexual Orientation: Preempting Discrimination by Court Rule”

Elizabeth Traylor: “Protecting the Rights of Children of Same-Sex Parents in Indiana by Adopting a Version of the Uniform Parentage Act”

Joanne Rouse: “Indiana’s Midwifery Statute and the Legal Barriers That Will Render It Unworkable”

Jake Vissing: “Preserving Liberty While Increasing Safety: Why Indiana Should Outlaw Sobriety Checkpoints”

Lauren Box: “It’s Not Personal, It’s Just Business: The Economic Impact of LGBT Legislation”

Pat Cline: “The Quiet Crisis: The Kernan-Shepard Report and Indiana’s Need to Eliminate Township Government”

Adam Eakman: “The Future of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act:  How Automation and Crowdsourcing Can Protect Fair Use”

Dylan Pittman: “Allowing Patent Validity Challenges Despite No-Challenge Clauses: Fulfilling the Will of King Lear”

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