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Yanpeng 'Steven' Wang Remembered by Professors, Students


IU McKinney LLM student Yanpeng WangYanpeng “Steven” Wang, an LL.M. student at IU McKinney, died in a traffic accident in Indianapolis on March 27, 2014. He was on track to finish his studies this year. He completed his LL.B. at Hunan University in Changsha, China, in 2011. Those in the law school community lucky enough to have met Yanpeng were likely asked to call him “Steven.” What follows are some remembrances of Steven.

Eulogy delivered by IU McKinney Vice Dean Antony Page during the memorial services for Yanpeng Wang held at the Chinese Community Church of Indianapolis on April 12, 2014:

“My name is Antony Page. I'm representing the McKinney School of Law, where I am the Vice Dean and where Yanpeng was one of our cherished Chinese LLM students.  At the McKinney school we have deep and longstanding ties with China.  We were one of the first law schools to partner with a Chinese law school.  Every summer, we send one of our professors and several of our students to study in Beijing.  And every year we are delighted to welcome Chinese students to come and study with us.

“On behalf of the school I would like to express our deepest sympathy and regret about this tragic situation.  Yanpeng was a hard-working, diligent, active student.  He made many contributions to the law school community.  Among others, he volunteered to help welcome new students at each orientation session; he helped plan the Chinese New Year celebration; he participated in several student organizations like the Master of Law Association and the Asian Law Students Association; he spoke twice in the International Speaker series, once on comparative family law and once on the death penalty in China; and I understand he was quite an sportsman, playing both soccer and ultimate Frisbee on intramural teams. 

“I met this smart young man several times at orientation and other events, and he was always very cheerful.   I loved the way he frequently wore some kind of law school or university garment. I remember him dropping by my office, making complimentary remarks about my children, who are half Chinese, and inviting me back to China.  I remember thinking that this was a very nice and kind gesture.  I also remember feeling very proud and honored, that he had come all the way to Indiana to study with us and become part of our law school community. 

“This is a great loss for everyone and we grieve with you, his friends and his family.  We will miss Yanpeng.”

More Tributes for Yanpeng Wang:

IU McKinney LLM student Yanpeng Wang“I remember Yanpeng “Steven” Wang fondly from my Copyright class. He was a very kind soul, you could see it instantly in his smile. From talking with him outside of class, I also learned that he was a dedicated dreamer, pursuing challenging goals with optimism and determination. He will always be remembered here at McKinney Law School by his fellow students and his professors.” Professor Lea Shaver

“Wang Yanpeng was my student in the LL.M. program at the IU McKinney School of Law.  From that relationship, I came to know Wang as a person dedicated to the study of law and as a person with an ever-present smile.  He was always available to assist or encourage other students, whether from China, the U.S., or elsewhere.  Wang asked me to provide a letter of recommendation to support his application for admission to the J.D. program.  I requested a personal statement.  I wanted to know more about Wang so I could write the best letter possible.  Wang’s personal statement reflects the person I came to know—dedicated, caring, and full of hope.  He wrote, “If we are to make a meaningful mark in this world, we must dream.”  He added that he wanted “to make a change in the world.” Wang came to the U.S. to achieve his dream of “being the kind of international lawyer who drives change” so that the world will become a better place.  It is a tragedy that Wang cannot fulfill his dream.  However, his dream will certainly be pursued by the many people whose lives he touched.” Professor Lloyd T. Wilson, Jr.

“I am glad I had the chance to be a classmate of Yanpeng Wang at the McKinney LLM. Program. ‘Stephen’, as he would also introduce himself, was friendly from day one! He helped me when I was in need and has always treated me respectfully and kindly. I am sure I can speak for all students that we shared great times and we were lucky to have him amongst us.” Gabriela Pereira Castilhos, LL.M. '13

I met Yanpeng through the International Graduate Welcome Volunteer program in 2013. Here he volunteered his time to welcome and assist new international students to IUPUI, helping his mentees to adjust to life in Indianapolis and answering their questions about law school. Through his efforts, Yanpeng showed his good character and willingness to help fellow students. Thank you, Yanpeng.” Susan Gallman, International Student Services Specialist, Office of International Affairs, IUPUI

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