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IU McKinney Legal Writing Professors to Craft Column for ISBA


Professors from IU McKinney’s nationally-recognized Legal Analysis, Research, and Communication (LARC) program will write a bimonthly column for Res Gestae, the magazine published by the Indiana State Bar Association.

Titled “WordWise,” the column will be “about how our wise choice and placement of words can make a difference in any message,” according to the introductory piece written by Professor Deborah McGregor, assistant director of the LARC program.

Each column will focus on a particular topic relevant to everyday legal practice: demand letters, drafting contracts, professional email communication, or proper citation form, among others. The professors also are open to suggestions for topics from readers.

Each column will be written by a different professor, and they will begin with the September 2013 issue of the magazine. Professors Cynthia Adams, ’83; Jim Dimitri; Allison Martin; Deborah McGregor; LARC Director Joan Ruhtenberg, ’80; and Joel Schumm, ’98, will compose the columns.

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