Moot Court

In law school, you spend much of your time learning legal theory and analysis. The Moot Court Program will not only encourage your development of skills in brief writing and oral advocacy skills and give you practical experience in these areas, it also recognizes and rewards student excellence.

When you participate in the Honorable Robert H. Staton Moot Court Competition, you will compete against your classmates to:

  • Write the best appellate brief on one of two issues
  • Deliver the oral arguments that support it in front of a hypothetical court

Judges include members of the law school faculty, the Moot Court Society's Order of Barristers, and the Indianapolis legal community.

All students who participate in the Staton Intramural Competition become members of the Moot Court Society. If you finish in the top 25 percent, you’ll be admitted to the Order of Barristers. As such, you’ll advance to the McKinney Law Barrister’s Tournament and be eligible to participate in national and international moot court competitions. You’ll also be able to judge future intramural competitions.

Top competitor awards:

  • The top advocate in the initial four rounds of the competition receives the Mitzi H. Martin Moot Court Award
  • The top advocate in the Barrister Tournament final receives the Christopher M. Maine Advocacy Award.

The Honorable Robert H. Staton Moot Court Competition is held every fall semester. All students who have completed Legal Analysis I and II (DN520 and DN521) are eligible to participate.

*To contact the Moot Court, email or call (317) 274-7876.