Guide for Planning Student Events

NOTE: If your organization is working with an external group (i.e. bar association, not-for-profit, etc.), consult with the Office of External Affairs (Dean MacDougall). There may be special considerations depending on the nature of the event.

These procedures must be followed for any room/table requests by student organizations.

  1. Go to the Events Calendar to place a tentative hold for your event/meeting/table no later than five (5) business days prior to your event/meeting. Please note: Students are not authorized to schedule events in the Atrium or Courtroom. If you wish to reserve either of these areas, please contact Ketha Troutman ( in the Office of Student Affairs (OSA).
    • Check the calendar for any conflicting activities already scheduled. If your event conflicts with an already scheduled speaker, annual event or lecture series, please select an alternate date.
    • Select the calendar for the room you want to use and make sure it is available at the date and time you want to host your event.
    • Click the “Submit Event” button on the top right of the calendar and enter all the required information about your event.  Be sure to select the room you want if you will be using a room in the law school for the event.
    • Be sure to include your name and email as a contact.
  2. Fill out and submit an Event/Meeting/Table Request Form no later than five (5) business days prior to your event/meeting. Requests are not accepted until two (2) weeks prior to the start of a semester.

Please submit your Event/Meeting/Table Request Form the same day you place your event hold on the Events Calendar.

  •  If your request has been approved, the event will appear on the Events Calendar within five (5) business days of your request.
  •  If your request is denied, your event will be deleted from the Events Calendar and the person who submitted the Event/Meeting/Table Request Form will receive an email from the OSA..


be aware that you may need to submit a budget for your event. If the costs exceed the funds your organization currently have available, you will need to meet with Dean of Students to determine if the event is feasible and if adequate funding can be achieved.


 The Office of Student Affairs has a limited discretionary budget; however, there are always more requests than can be accommodated, so the earlier you plan your event and seek funding, the better chance you have of obtaining additional money. Please contact the Dean of Students for more information. If you plan to seek sponsors outside of the law school including charitable contributions of any type or you plan on donating the proceeds of your event, you will need to coordinate with the Development Office (Lisa Schrage 317-274-1906 or The University and IU Foundation have specific rules and procedures regarding events and charitable contributions which must be dealt with at least six months or more in advance of the event.


 If you need any technology or AV assistance (or need to use special equipment), please submit a request via the AV Request Form or contact Dave Plough at, 317-274-8054.


If you need tables, chairs or other items set up in the Atrium or other location, you must obtain approval from the Office of Student Affairs and Campus Facility Services (CFS). There is a flat fee of $250 for removal and replacement of the Atrium furniture, if necessary for your event.  Any other moving of furniture will be a minimum of $60 ($30 to set up and $30 to take down).  Please include this cost in your budget.  You will be responsible for checking with the building services staff to make sure your set-up is done on time and correctly (CFS’ call center number is (317) 278-1900).


The University has an exclusive catering contract with Four Course Catering. Any catering services in Inlow Hall in excess of $100 must be provided by IUPUI Food Service Catering whether a student organization or other outside vendor is sponsoring the event. Please note that law school student organizations that are also registered student organizations with IUPUI receive a discount on catering services. If your organization is not a registered student organization but would like to become one, more information can be found at

Campus Food Fundraising

Student organizations may hold food fundraisers only on designed dates which can be found at


Serving alcoholic beverages requires pre-approval. Approval will only be considered provided your event is NOT open to undergraduate students. Email Ketha Troutman ( for more information on the approval process. Please note that this process should be started at least two months before the actual event.

Hosting State or Federal Executive and Legislative Officials 

If your organization plans to invite a state or federal executive or legislative elected or appointed as a special guest or speaker to one of your events, prior to inviting the guest, you must contact the School of Law’s director of special projects, Sonja Rice, to ensure compliance with university, state, and federal regulations.  She can be reached at (317) 274-8043 or

Political Events 

If a student-sponsored political event is open to the public, then there will be a charge for the room. 

  • A student organization hosting an event may extend invitations to candidates to come and speak.  A student organization is not obligated to invite all legally-qualified candidates if the student organization is using its own funds and resources.  However, no campaign fundraising may occur and the student organization must include a brief statement when introducing the candidate that the University does not endorse or oppose any candidate or organizations in connection with this or any other political campaign or election. 
  • If it is a campus community event and is not open to the general public, then the normal fees, if any, assessed to a student organization for facility rental and usage fees can be applied.  However, if the event is open to the general public, facility rental and usage fees must be charged.
  • Appropriate steps should be taken by student organizations to avoid the appearance of the University’s endorsement of or opposition to any candidate.

For more information about hosting political events on campus, visit the IU PAGR site. If you have any questions about the University guidelines regarding political events, contact the Director of Community and Government Relations, Jennifer Boehm, at 317-278-2664 or

For questions about room fee charges, contact Dean MacDougall in the Office of External Affairs, at 317-274-1908 or

Drawings, Games, and Prizes  

Student organizations that would like to conduct drawings or games of chance must comply with University policies. More information...

Hosting Career or Networking Events

There are opportunities for co-sponsorship of programs.  To reduce possibility of duplicating efforts, if your organization plans to invite attorneys or other professionals as guest speakers who will focus on professional development topics including but not limited to career or networking opportunities, be sure to contact Dean Thompson in the Office of Professional Development.  She can be reached at (317) 274-3001 or


If you are inviting guests from off-campus, you will need to consult with the Office of Student Affairs about making parking arrangements with IUPUI's Parking Services.  Please be aware that the campus charges $8.50 for a temporary parking pass (for the surface lot west of our building).  There is extremely limited guest parking available in the law school parking garage, so space cannot be relied upon for most events' parking needs.  There is also a charge of $5.00 per car for the garage.  Often, if events are scheduled at a time when classes on campus are in session, off-campus guests are asked to park in the Natatorium garage (which charges by the hour).

Building Access 

The law law school building is open Monday through Thursday 8 a.m.-midnight; Friday 8 a.m.-11p.m.; Saturday 9 a.m.-9 p.m. & Sunday 11 a.m.-midnight.  If your event will be occurring during the evening restricted access hours, you will need to make sure your guests are aware of the restrictions. For more information about access to the law school building & library, please review the Inlow Hall Evening Access Policy.


If your your event involves media coverage, continuing legal education credit (CLE), or advertising to an audience outside the law school, please contact the External Affairs Office at (317) 278-4789) as soon as possible to make arrangements.  For CLE credit, please contact External Affairs at least two months in advance.  To share announcements regarding your event sent to the entire student body/faculty/staff, please contact the Office of Student Affairs, Room 119 (317) 278-5560.

To post your event on the information screens (internal audience) or on the website's upcoming events section (internal and external audience), please contact Liz Allington in External Affairs at (317) 278-3038) or