Student Handbook

The IU McKinney Law Student Handbook contains essential information for all students.

Part I: Academic Rules & Requirements   [doc | pdf]

This section includes:

  1. Graduation Requirements
  2. Course Selection in the First Year (First Two Years for Part-Time, Evening Students)
  3. Course Selection for Upper Level Students
  4. Distance Education
  5. Other Academic Rules and Policies
  6. Enrollment by Day Students in Evening Classes and Evening Students in Day Classes
  7. Restrictions on Work Hours
  8. Incoming Transfer Students and Criteria for Approving the Transfer of Credit Hours
  9. Visiting Away at Other Schools
  10. Summer Abroad Programs
  11. Transfer Credit Fee
  12. Special Rules for Graduating 3Ls
  13. Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
  14. J.D. Students for Whom English is a Second Language
  15. Recording of Classes Generally Prohibited
  16. Experiential Learning; Student Practice Certification
  17. Informal Audits
  18. Informal Modification of Class Schedules
  19. Making Up Missed Classes
  20. Limits on Maximum Number of Credit Hours to be taken in a Semester
  21. Student Complaints Implicating Compliance With the American Bar Association (ABA) Standards

Part II: Student Conduct & Discipline   [doc | pdf]

This section includes:

  1. Introduction
  2. Honor Code
  3. Disciplinary Procedures
  4. Links:

Part III: State Bar Filing   [doc | pdf]

This section includes:

  1. Bar Examination in Other States
  2. Indiana Bar Examinations

Part IV: University Services   [doc | pdf]

This section includes:

  1. Bookstore
  2. Office of the Bursar
  3. Childcare
  4. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
  5. Credit Union
  6. Financial Aid Office
  7. Health Service
  8. Student Health Insurance Program
  9. International Student Affairs
  10. Parking

Part V: Other Information   [doc | pdf]

This section includes:

  1. Communications to Students
  2. Change of Name/Address/Phone
  3. Emergency Preparedness Information
  4. Indiana Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program (JLAP)
  5. Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  6. Lockers
  7. Lost and Found
  8. Mail Folders
  9. Constructive Notice Newsletter
  10. Telephone Messages
  11. Telephone Numbers and Office Hours, Student Affairs

Part VI: Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence [link]