Technology FAQ

Computer Labs

Inlow Hall has three computer labs with a total of 76 desktop computers for student use. Room 235E (40 computers) can be entered from the classroom wing on the second floor. Rooms 235D (20 computers) and 235G (16 computers) can be entered from the second floor of the library. All of the computers are running Windows 7 and require that you log in with your university computer network class and password.

Computer Training

The university offers a variety of free computer training classes for students. For class descriptions and schedules, go to IT Training and look under Workshops.


All registered Indiana University students are entitled to activate a university e-mail account. As a graduate student you have the option to choose either a Cyrus e-mail account or an Exchange account. With a Cyrus account you will use Webmail to read and send mail. With an Exchange account, you will be able to set up your mail with MS Outlook or use the Outlook Web Access to access your email account. You can access Webmail and Outlook Web Access using any web browser anywhere you have access to the Internet. For both, you will need to log in using your university username and password.

Note: Enter only your network ID in the Username field (e.g., jdoe), not your full e-mail address (e.g.,

You can also use either system on any of the computers in the school's three computer labs.

For more information about using the Microsoft Outlook client, see: At IU, using Outlook 2010 or 2007, how do I access my Exchange mailbox?

If you have a personal or business e-mail account and prefer to use that instead of your university account, please be sure to have mail sent to your university e-mail address forwarded to your preferred address. Do not leave your university e-mail account unattended.

Note: Your e-mail account is used by Law School faculty and administration to communicate with you. If you do not want to have to check two e-mail accounts, you must have your University e-mail forwarded to be sure you receive it.

To set up e-mail forwarding for your account:

  1. Go to Account Management Services:
  2. Log in using your computer network ID and password.
  3. Select forward your e-mail and enter your forwarding address.
Laptop Computers

Inlow Hall is equipped in most locations with electrical and network connections for laptop computers. In order to connect to the network (and the Internet), you will need an Ethernet network interface card (NIC) in your laptop computer and a cable to plug into the network data jack. Most laptop computers have an Ethernet card built in, with a port on the side similar to a modem port. (Note: You cannot use a modem to connect to the Internet in Inlow Hall. You must have an Ethernet card in your computer.) If your laptop computer does not have a built-in Ethernet card, you will need an Ethernet PC card, which plugs into your computer's PC card slot.

There is also wireless network capability in Inlow Hall. To use a wireless network connection, your laptop computer must be equipped with at least a wireless 802.11b/g network card. Most newer models of laptop computers come with built-in wireless networking capability. Others require a wireless network PC card (802.11b/g standard).

To establish a wireless connection to the network, you must register the MAC address of your wireless device. For instructions on registering your wireless computer, see: How can I register my wireless computer's MAC address

Of course, if your laptop computer doesn't have an Ethernet card (wired or wireless), you can still use it in the Law School without a network connection. It is recommended that you have a security cable to physically secure your laptop computer when you want to leave it unattended for any length of time. The study carrels in the library have built-in anchors for laptop security cables. For more information about physical laptop security, see Protecting Your Laptop Computer.


Oncourse CL is Indiana University's Web-based environment for online course material and discussion forums. You should log in to Oncourse before the start of classes to see any announcements, assignments, or other information posted by faculty teaching your courses. Go to, and log in using your university network ID and password. Your courses should become available in Oncourse approximately two weeks before the start of the semester. For more information, see the Oncourse Help for Students.

Purchasing a Computer

Indiana University has negotiated some special offers from computer manufacturers for personal purchases by students. For the current offers, review the UITS page on the subject.

Special Assistance

If you have a disability and need assistive technology, please let us know or contact Adaptive Educational Services at or (317) 274-3241.

Contacting Technology Services Staff

If you have a question about technology that is not covered here, contact us.