Alumni Spotlights

David Nguyen, J.D., '06

Director, ABA Young Lawyer's Division Disaster Legal Services Program

David Nguyen, J.D., '06

There’s a huge contingent of this law school that’s a part of this [ABA Disaster Relief] program.

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David Nguyen, ’06 is director of the American Bar Association’s Young Lawyer’s Division Disaster Legal Services program. He spent three days in mid-November 2012 in New York City helping with recovery efforts after Hurricane Sandy, and traveled there again for a few days in January 2013 to offer more assistance.

Nguyen knows that sometimes the best way to make a difference in an area marked by a natural disaster is to concentrate on what will make individual lives better. He points to a photograph of a man who lost all of his identification documentation in the storm, and needed the help of a lawyer to start putting that portion of his life back together.

Getting the telephone lines in place took about a week and a half after the storm hit the Northeastern United States on October 29, 2012. “We foresee the recovery process going on for years,” he said.

Nguyen has been involved with the ABA’s Young Lawyers Division Disaster Legal Services program since August 2010. He became acting director in February 2011, and has been director since August 2011. He got involved at the behest of Matthew Besmer, ’06, who preceded him in the program’s director’s position. Ryan Hamilton, ’06, serves as vice director of the program. “There’s a huge contingent of this law school that’s a part of this program,” Nguyen said with pride.

Spending about a quarter of his time as a solo practitioner in Indianapolis, Nguyen is pursuing a doctorate in higher education policy on the Indiana University Bloomington campus. He teaches on legal and ethical issues for teachers. His solo practice concentrates on business, family, and immigration law in the Vietnamese community in Indiana.