Ways to Give

Tax Advantages

Donating to the IU McKinney School of Law can have both state and federal tax benefits.

Tax benefits for Indiana residents

For Indiana residents, the Indiana State Tax Credit may give you a credit on your state tax return for up to 50 percent of your gift:

  • $200 if filing a single return
  • $400 if filing a joint return

Federal tax benefits

Making a gift to the IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law can unlock a variety of federal tax benefits. All current donations to the law school qualify for a federal income tax deduction. Donors who give appreciated property to the law school can also avoid capital gains tax. Giving directly from an IRA before December 31, 2013 allows donors to make a gift with pre-tax dollars and counts toward donors' required minimum distributions. Finally, property can be passed to the law school through an estate plan, which can reduce the estate taxes that heirs pay after a donor passes away.

Depending on your tax bracket and filing status (joint or single) a donation may cost the following:

Gift Net Cost
after tax savings
$100 $32-$45
$250 $81-$135
$500 $195-$360
$1,000 $520-$810

For more information about the tax advantages of giving to McKinney Law, contact us.