Advanced Exernships

If you've successfully completed the PLSG externship course, the Advanced Government Externship (AGE) opportunity allows you to earn two (2) credit hours for a second, different Program on Law and State Government externship experience. If you are interested in experiencing the practice of law in Indiana's state government from another perspective or delving more deeply into the substantive area of law of your first PLSG externship placement, but with a different office or department, please submit your application to do so (Spring 2014 Application Coming Soon).

After your AGE placement is arranged, you will actively participate in drafting the externship agreement for you, your supervising lawyer and the faculty advisor, Cynthia Baker, the Director of the Program on Law and State Government.  Here is a sample draft of such an Advanced Government Externship agreement to get you started. During your Advanced Government Externship semester, you will devote 120 hours to the externship, including proposing and developing the topic for your reflective learning essay, arranging a professional meeting for you, your supervising lawyer and your faculty advisor, and meeting with your faculty advisor at least two additional times.  While you are invited to attend the class meetings of the externship course, you are not required to do so.  Like the PLSG externship course, AGE has no textbook or final exam. 

The Advanced Government Externship has been a great opportunity for students who want to learn and do more within the executive and legislative branches of Indiana's state government.   Professor Cynthia Baker welcomes creative ideas on how to make your Advanced Government Externship experience an excellent professional complement to your first one and looks forward to hearing from you (cabaker@iupui.edu).