App’late Review

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We have all experienced it — the curse of the lost yellow sticky note scribbled full of brilliant ideas that now escape us. Well, there’s an app for that. In this issue, we review a few of the many apps for dictation, mind mapping, and note taking that transform your iPad into a never-to-be-lost sticky note. 

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Dragon Dictation

If you think faster than you can tap your iPad keyboard, this free app will appeal. From a well-respected player in voice recognition technology, Dragon Dictation will translate your spoken words into notes and reminders, responses to email, and even status updates for your social network applications. You can cut and paste in to other apps as well.

Because translation happens on remote servers, Dragon Dictation requires an internet connection and word recognition can be a little slow. On the up side, though, it has been praised for accuracy. In fact, to increase accuracy for proper names, you can easily import your contacts.





Notability is a note-taking and organizing app. You can write by hand, type, draw, highlight, zoom, adjust fonts and styles, add and edit images, record and synchronize audio, and then save your notes in libraries. All your work can be connected to your other devices via Cloud-based services or just simple email. To visit the Notability website, click here

Notability is currently priced at $0.99.

Written and created by Susan deMaine and Catherine Lemmer with technical support from Hannah Alcasid and Ed Finn.

June 2012, Issue 4


Mind mapping apps operate as virtual whiteboards for brainstorming. With the touch of a finger, you can diagram the structure of a concept or theory, display the relationships between ideas, and organize your research. 






Don’t have time to view that web page, watch a video, or read an online article? Put it in your Pocket (formerly known as “Read It Later”). With Pocket, you simply touch a button and whatever you’re viewing is “saved.” With the free apps on your computer, iPad, and phone, your materials are automatically synced, and you can view them anywhere and anytime. You don’t even need an internet connection. To visit the Pocket website, click here.

Popplet is a fun and easy to use app that lets you draw diagrams and import features such as objects, images, hyperlinks and photos. The app supports export to PDF, screenshot emailing, and collaboration with other users. See the demonstration video. Popplet is $4.99.