App’late Review

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Your iPad can help liven up both your classroom and your next conference presentation. In this issue, we review a few of the many apps on the market to enrich presentations and keep your audience engaged.

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Created by Apple, Keynote enables you to easily design and deliver presentations on your iPad. The app includes text formatting, image manipulation, and professional templates along with animated graphics and transitions. Reviewers note that even if you are new to making presentations and leery of this whole touchscreen thing, you’re still likely to produce presentations that have greater visual interest and a more professional appearance than those created in PowerPoint.

With Keynote, you never have to worry about losing a change to your presentation because it automatically saves your work across your devices as you go. Also, the undo feature lets you backtrack through changes since your last save — a feature that is relatively rare in apps.

Click here to see what Apple has to say about Keynote. The app sells for $9.99.




Adobe Connect

Traveling but don’t want to cancel class or miss that meeting? This free app brings the power of Adobe Connect Meeting to your iPad. Connect Meeting, which is supported and paid for by IU, lets you host or attend a virtual class or meeting from anywhere. With some planning and setup beforehand, you can share presentations and documents with remote participants. You can also use the iPad camera and microphone to communicate as well as the chat feature to bring all participants together. This video can help you get started.

Tutorials and introductory information about Adobe Connect Meeting in general are available from UITS.

Written and created by Susan deMaine and Catherine Lemmer with technical support from Hannah Alcasid and Ed Finn.

June 2012, Issue 5


If you have switched to Prezi for your presentations, you will be pleased to see the free Prezi Viewer app. The app enables you to view and present your Prezis anywhere with simple multi-touch gestures. It also allows you to do some editing — text editing, resizing, moving, and deleting. 

With an internet connection, Prezi Viewer works automatically with to keep all your work up to date no matter where you edit. If you want to go off the grid (but take your iPad with you, of course), you can download Prezis to your iPad and continue to access them offline. Finally, your iPad 2 easily connects to a projector so you can use it a touchscreen presentation device as well. No need to lug your laptop to your next conference presentation.

There is a short video and more information available here.




Looking for an app to help capture students’ attention? You may be familiar with iclicker technology that makes real-time survey and assessment possible using devices throughout the classroom. Now, with the eClicker Host app from Big Nerd Ranch, you can poll and quiz your students using your iPad. All your students need is their computer or a mobile device with a Wi-Fi connection — no extra expensive technology needed. They simply point their browser to the URL you obtain from eClicker Host and respond to your queries. From surveys to pop quizzes, eClicker can make your class more interactive.

See this overview for more information on how this classroom tool works. The app sells for $9.99.

eClicker Host