App’late Review

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If you’re traveling this summer, your iPad can help you plan your trip, check your flights, track expenses, and even keep a journal. In this issue, we review a few of the most popular travel-related apps on the market.

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Who doesn’t want the cute little chipmunk helping with travel arrangements? Hipmunk is a hit travel website that has made a smooth transitioned to mobile with this app. It lets you find flights not only by price but also by the “agony” factor — how long you’ll be traveling and how many stops you’ll have to make — and then displays them on an easy-to-read timeline.

Hipmunk can also help you find a hotel — ranked by an “ecstasy” rating that combines price, amenities, and reviews — with options displayed on a map. You can turn on indicators such as restaurants and attractions to help you choose your prime location. Once you’ve made your choices, Hipmunk links you to the selected carriers and hotels to complete your reservations. 

As a bonus, all this useful cleverness is free.


This free app is the place to keep track of your itinerary. Sign up for an account at the Tripit website. Then, after you’ve made your arrangements and reservations, forward the confirmation emails to Tripit. The app will generate one easy-to-read itinerary for you. Tripit will help you get directions, make last minute changes, and keep track of all your traveler loyalty programs. 

Flight Track Pro

Flight Track Pro is described as “the most full-featured flight-tracking app” available for the iPad. Flight Track Pro covers more than 400 airports around the world to push flight alerts, schedule and gate changes, weather forecasts, and more to your iPad. It can also work with your Tripit account (see above) to provide flight-itinerary maps and sync with your iPad Calendar.

The Pro version costs $9.99. There is a basic version for $4.99 that does not “push” the information to you and does not link with Tripit.

Trip Advisor

The popular website for travel reviews can now travel with you.  The Trip Advisor free app helps you locate restaurants, hotels, and other attractions based on tens of millions of reviews. You can use it to find flights as well. As with any consumer-driven site, the information on Trip Advisor can hit the extremes, but many of us nonetheless value the insights and experiences of fellow travelers. 

This app is free.

Xpense Tracker

This is a handy yet thorough app for tracking all your expenses. You can record all your travel costs, track mileage, sort your data by various fields, photograph and tag your receipts, email or export reports, and mark as submitted/reimbursed. If you’re travelling internationally, Xpense Tracker can handle different currencies, exchange rates, and VAT. It has received rave reviews among business apps.

Xpense Tracker sells for $4.99 and is proclaimed by users to be worth every penny.

Trip Journal

Create a beautiful and useful journal of your trip , whether it’s for work or pleasure. This app, which sells for $2.99, lets you keep photos, notes, video organized by date, time, and location. The layout is easy to use and pleasant to the eye. You can share your finished product on Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr, or simply keep it for your digital archive.

Google Translate

Google’s translation website is now available in a free app. Translation is available between more than sixty languages. In nearly twenty of those languages, you have the convenience of being able to speak as well as type the words you want translated. Also, in many of the languages, the app gives you the option of audio playback for the translation if pronunciation is beyond your grasp.

Written and created by Susan deMaine and Catherine Lemmer with technical support from Hannah Alcasid and Ed Finn.

June 2012, Number 6