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At last count, there were more than 140,000 apps available for the iPad and other mobile platforms.  There are even app finders—apps to help locate other apps!

Many apps are relevant to the practice of law.  Lawyers are using apps for scheduling, document management, office management, news, trial prep, and legal research.  With the right apps, a lawyer can work remotely, conduct research, develop a paperless or virtual office, and make the best use of time spent waiting for clients, meetings, court dates, or traffic.

Each week this summer, App’late Review will present iPad apps of interest to the legal professional.  This first issue introduces legal research apps. Please note there are no links to the App Store because they are typically long and mistakes are easily made.  You should have no trouble identifying the apps using the App Store search engine.

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

This free app contains the complete text of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure including commentary.  It includes full-text searching and email functions.  One student reviewer noted that he no longer carries his “heavy” Civil Procedure Supplement to class.

Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure

Another free app, this one contains the complete text of the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure including commentary and an Appendix of Forms.  Again, full-text searching and email functions are included.

Federal Rules of Evidence

Objection!  This free app contains the complete text of the Federal Rules of Evidence.  Like the others, it allows full-text searching and emailing.


Use the WestlawNext app to conduct research, access recent searches and documents, and annotate your research.  The WestlawNext iPad app automatically syncs with the WestlawNext website and WestlawNext Mobile, enabling you to access your research history and manage your existing research folders.  See the video tutorial for additional information.  The app is free, but you will, of course, need your username/password.

Lexis Advance

This app lets you conduct legal research and filter results according to jurisdiction, court, date, practice areas, legal topic, etc.  You can use your work folders to organize and store your research to be accessed later from any device.  You can even Shepardize on the go!  See additional information at Lexis mobile.  Again, the app is free, but you will need your username/password.

Written and created by Susan deMaine and Catherine Lemmer with technical support from Hannah Alcasid and Ed Finn.

May 2012, Issue 1