Law School Clinic

Client Counseling Competition

Students learn valuable interviewing and counseling skills by participating in the Client Counseling Competition (CCC). In this competition, student teams conduct simulated initial lawyer-client interviews and are scored and critiqued by a panel of judges.The winning team advances to a regional competition. The CCC is conducted by the Client Counseling Board. Those serving on the Client Counseling Board, composed of students who successfully completed the prior year's competition, receive one hour of non-graded credit.

If you are an interested student, please sign up on TWEN.

Just for Judges

The Client Counseling Board solicits local attorneys and counseling professionals to serve as judges for the competition. Client Counseling Competition sessions, which are held in the evening, begin with a short Judges' Orientation to acquaint the judges with the evaluation criteria for the competition. Judges are provided with the relevant background information pertaining to the client's visit and a score sheet for each round. A panel of judges then observes and rates the performance of two teams of students as they meet with prospective "clients". Following each round, the judges also offer a brief critique of the students on their interviewing and counseling techniques. The time commitment involved is approximately two and one half hours. Judges may volunteer for as many or as few evenings as they wish.

Each year's competition begins early in January. To serve as a judge for the competition, please take a few minutes to complete our online Judge Information and Reply Form. In addition, if you have colleagues who might be interested in volunteering, please provide them with the website information and encourage them to participate. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail the Client Counseling Board generally at or call us at (317) 274-1911.

Your willingness to share your time and expertise are critical in making the CCC a continuing success. We look forward to seeing you here at Inlow Hall!

Parking for Judges

Complimentary parking during the Client Counseling Competition has been arranged for our guest judges' convenience. Judges will be provided with an access code prior to the competition for the underground parking garage located on the west side of Inlow Hall.