Judicial Externships

If you would like to gain a practical understanding of the legal system while in Law School, a judicial externship will give you a front row seat.

As a student in this program, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a federal or state court judge. You’ll serve as that judge’s law clerk extern, often performing research and draft-writing duties. Most externs will also have the opportunity to observe court proceedings.

Program requirements

You’ll receive two or three course credits graded S/F, upon satisfaction of externship requirements, which include:

  • 120 hours of unpaid work (for two credits) or 180 hours of unpaid work (for three credits)
  • Two individual meetings with the supervising professor
  • Three short class meetings

Summer Judicial Externships (2014)

Students interested in summer judicial externships should apply directly to the judge(s) for whom the student would like to extern.  A list of federal judges in Indianapolis who are accepting applications is available here.  Information about opportunities with justices of the Indiana Supreme Court is available here.  A listing of trial judges in the state of Indiana is available here. Students are also welcome to apply for opportunities with judges outside Indiana.

Externships are available for two credits (120 hours of unpaid work) or three credits (180 hours of unpaid work).  Students who have secured a placement or have questions should contact Professor Joel Schumm.

Federal court externship

Students serve as law clerk interns in the chambers of one of the federal judges or magistrates in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana (Indianapolis). These externships generally require a great deal of research and writing with a limited opportunity to observe court proceedings. 

Students placed in federal court must undergo a background check. Please review the following documents for further information:

State Appellate or Supreme Court Externship

Here you’ll serve as a law clerk intern for one of the judges of the Indiana Court of Appeals. Externs work on draft opinions under the direction of the judge and judicial clerks.

Indiana Supreme Court Externship

You’ll serve as a law clerk intern for one of the justices of the Indiana Supreme Court. Externs may work on draft opinions or other projects assigned by the justices and their staffs. Students interested in externships with the Indiana Supreme Court must submit additional materials by the deadlines noted here. 

STATE TRIAL Court Externship

You’ll serve as a law clerk intern for one of the judges of the Marion Superior Court or judges in neighboring counties These externships offer the greatest opportunity to observe court proceedings and usually include a great deal of interaction with the judge. Students are usually assigned to two judges (one in the criminal division and one in the civil division). 

Other Judicial Externship programs

The Court Externship program at McKinney has also arranged externships with many other federal and state judges within and outside Indiana.

Before registering for a fall judicial externship, you must complete the law school's Judicial Externship/Internship Application (available online in March). For more information, contact Professor Joel Schumm at jmschumm@iupui.edu or 317-278-4733.

For Judges:

Evaluation of Student Intern  DOC  |  PDF