Moot Court

Staton Intramural Competition

Sample Score Sheet

Here is a sample summary score sheet (similar to the ones the judges in the intramural competition will use).

Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law
Moot Court Society
Intramural Moot Court Score Sheet

Competitor _______________________________

Judge ___________________________________

Circle one: Petitioner Respondent
Circle one: Issue 1 Issue 2

CATEGORY FACTORS (Illustrative, not Comprehensive)
Research, Preparation and Organization Identifying Self and Co-Counsel, Identifying Client and Client's Position, Statement of Issues, "Road Map," Prayer for Relief, Knowledge of Record, Effective Citation to Authority, Grasp of Legal Principles at Issue, Appropriate Amount of Reference to Notes
25% of total score
Answering Questions Responsiveness, Ability to Think on Feet, Flexibility, Creativity, Listening, Not Interrupting Bench, Candor About Ignorance, Necessary Concessions, Ability to Weave Questions Into Argument, Engaging Entire Bench, Welcoming of Questions, Using Questions to Advantage, Transitions Following Response
30% of total score
Persuasiveness, Regardless of Merits Use of Facts, Legally Emotionally, Persuasive Context, Use of Policy, Effectiveness of Rebuttal, Sense of Conviction, Advocacy Tone
20% of total score
Forensic Performance Eye Contact, Unnecessary Reading, Effective Use of Notes, Clarity of Presentation, Issue Transitions, Proper and Effective Case Citation, Effective Use of Time, Deference Toward Bench, Argumentative vs. Informative Attitude, Nervousness, Gestures, Mannerisms, Postures, Impression, Voice, Audibility, Tone, Rate of Speech, Pronunciation, Grammar
10% of total score
Courtroom Conduct Appropriate Attire, Behavior at Counsel Table, Compliance With Time Limit, Inappropriate Use of First Person, Inappropriate Slang, Humor, Familiarity
10% of total score
Judge's Intuition Presence and Potential, Overall Impression 5% of total score