J.D. Program

Preparing Your Application

Transfer Students

Transferring to the IU McKinney School of Law is a great choice. Here you’ll get both hands-on, experiential learning opportunities and a world-class theoretical education.

To apply for admission with advanced standing, you must:

  • Be attending an ABA-approved school
  • Be in good standing
  • Have completed your first year of law study

Transfer applicants matriculate in the fall semester only; applications are not accepted for mid-year admission.

To apply, complete your application through the Law School Admission Council between May 1 and July 31.

Transfer student application

Your application must include:

  • Your current law school transcript, including at least two semesters or terms and grades for 24–31 credit hours
  • A letter of good standing from your current law school indicating that you are enrolled and meeting your academic obligations
  • A personal statement
  • A CAS report (if you have not applied to our law school within the last two years)
  • A resume

Please note: If you responded “yes” to any “Character and Fitness” question(s) you must submit an explanation to the Office of Admissions.

Additional items you may include with your application:

  • An Optional Statement addressing any unique skills, experiences, hardships overcome, educational or socioeconomic disadvantages, or any other aspects that have not already been addressed in your application.
  • Two letters of recommendation from law professors and/or from a person you have worked for in the legal field.
Transferring credits to IU McKinney Law

Prior to registration, you must consult with the assistant dean for student affairs regarding credits to be transferred. The amount of credit you’ll be able to transfer depends on the quality of your record and on how well your course work relates to the program at McKinney.

In addition:

  • You may only transfer a maximum of 31 hours of course credit
  • Your grades from transferred course credit will not be used to compute your cumulative grade point average
  • You may only transfer courses in which you received a grade of “C” or above
  • You usually can’t transfer courses taken on a pass/fail basis. However, if you can show that the pass/fail course is equivalent to a “C” or above, credit will be considered.
  • You must retake all required courses for which credit is not given
  • You must maintain a grade point average of at least 2.3 or be subject to academic exclusion

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