Center Faculty

  • Adams, Cynthia M. , Clinical Professor of Law
    Bravo, Karen E. , Professor of Law, Dean's Fellow, Associate Dean for International Affairs
  • Boyne, Shawn , Professor of Law; Co-Chair, Global Crisis Leadership Forum; Dean's Fellow, and DRIVE Fellow
  • Dannenmaier, Eric R. , Professor of Law and Dean's Fellow, Grime's Fellow; Director, Environmental and Natural Resources Law Program
  • Dutton, Yvonne M. , Associate Professor of Law; Dean's Fellow and Grime's Fellow
  • Edwards, George E. , Carl M. Gray Professor of Law; Director, Program in International Human Rights Law; John S. Grimes Fellow
  • Emmert, Frank , John S. Grimes Professor of Law; Executive Director, Center for International and Comparative Law
  • Huffman, Max , Associate Professor of Law and Dean's Fellow
  • Morris, Emily , Associate Professor of Law
  • Quigley, Fran , Clinical Professor of Law; Health and Human Rights Clinic
  • Ryznar, Margaret , Associate Professor of Law and Dean's Fellow
  • Shaver, Lea , Associate Professor of Law and Dean's Fellow
  • White, James Patrick , Professor of Law
  • Wilson, Jr., Lloyd T. , Professor of Law; Director, Joint Center for Asian Law Studies; Director, Chinese Law Summer Program; Director, American Law for Foreign Lawyers LL.M. Program